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Coming soon is my stories and some of my clients experiences with BodyTalk.

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Holy mother of.... Just got out of a body talk session with Joanne. Crazy crazy crazy. I feel a million times lighter , and centered. Focused.
She said things I have not told anyone so there is no way she would know. And helped me release them. Absolutely amazing Joanne.

I had my first one on Tuesday night!! I was so surprised I thought it would be BS but WOW I can't wait to go back!! It was very enlightening and really helped me work through some emotions I had been storing away and not dealing with.

Loved my prenatal sessions!

Okay so body talk is amazing!! Not at all what I thought it would be. I was very skeptical going in and now I can't wait until I can go back again.

Its quite the process. I'm still feeling it out, and honestly don't want to say it works, but she keeps hitting on these things I just can't deny. She's slowly making a believer out of me too, and I'm the biggest skeptic there is. Honestly, I have felt as much change in two sessions with Joanne as a year with my psychologist....

Has your life been touched by BodyTalk?  Let me share your story!

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Some of my (Joanne's) experiences with BodyTalk:

My first BodyTalk Treatment was in 2011 just after my first miscarriage and even though I was pregnant with my 1st son right away after, the BodyTalk really allowed me to let go of the loss and bond with the new pregnancy. I didn't return to BodyTalk til 2 years later 2014 when I dove in and took the fundamentals training. Going through the training and and working through all the areas of the protocol chart 2 even 3 times was so healing. I felt like  space cadet through it all, off the chart spiritual and energetic releasing and healing at so many levels. So excited by the power of it all I didn't sleep the first 2 days of it. Through the training when we did the scars protocol it took my partner straight to  top of my right foot where of course peeling off my sock revealed to her a nickel sized scar that silvery, glossy and I had loss of sensation and nerve pain in the area still from motorscooter accident 6 years earlier when studying yoga in Thailand. We had to release the joy from the scar, (my love of agama yoga and this NEED to return to studies there) that was held. The next day the scar was a normal hardly visable white and all numbness and nerve sensations were gone. This was the first of many quantifiable physical healings I received from BodyTalk.  One of the coolest things about BodyTalk is that it will refer you to a different modality if there is a faster more effective way of treating the issue. When Tarun was around 2 he was complaining of tummy pain, referred to chiro they adjusted his intestinal ileocecal valve and he was good to go. I now have training in BodyVivaxis which is kinda like eneregetic chiropractic and could treat that with BodyTalk but at the time I didn't have a tool to address it so it had me take him to someone who could!

 I had a session refer me to a naturopath and I didn't know why, but we discover my fatigue and low energy was adrenal fatigue and with some supplementation I was 110% right away. You can't fix a problem until you know there is one, or until your ready to stop denying there is a problem... Bodytalk simply brings the issues to the surface so that you can heal them. At that appointment I used the BodyTalk yes/no muscle testing to fill out the intake form to also have it tell me it was depressed. I never recognized the mild/moderate depression i was in until I was out of it.. which was addressed a few treatments down the road. I was self treating and found the root cause of my depression was the in-utero 'Event' of when they realized they were pregnant with me that the first reaction was my Dad didn't want me. My 1st Chakra had never worked (pendulum tests) I had always felt like I was never wanted or accepted throughout life, that I had no right to exist. All that change with the realization of why.. that that initial reaction needed to be let go of, they had me, they loved me and everything shifted. My relationship with myself, with money, my right to abundance and happiness all increased and my 1st chakra was reactivated.  ... these are a few of my early stories and I could go on and on especially about BodyTalk through my baby Benson's pregnancy and his amazing 4 hour perfect unassisted birth.