BodyTalk is great for children

We conducted a 12 week case study using distance sessions to treat children ages 2-4 see the details about that here

Examples of Issues treated for children:

* Not meeting milestones for development, movement, speech, learning etc * Breastfeeding*  Potty training and bed wetting * Sleep issues *  Fears, Phobias *  Allergies and Intolerances * immune issues *Aggression * behaviour issues * Over attachment and clinginess * Trauma * Self esteem * Weight management * School/Sports performance and anything else life brings your way.

We are mirrors of each other and we reflect each others stress and trauma. The children in our case study that also had their family members treated reaped the fastest and most dramatic results. For best results parents if not siblings should also undergo treatment as well.  Booking each individual to be treated together in one long intensive session often also takes me to treat the family as a single unit also. You can book a single hour treatment for the  family as a single entity as well but dealing with each individuals unique needs is usually the better place to start.

Feel free to call me with questions. Online booking has an option to schedule a time to discuss your questions to avoid playing phone tag. I am happy to configure a treatment plan specific to your child and family's need. 

Child Intensive Distance Session Package (under 18):

12 Distance sessions Bi-weekly over 6 months- $75/month ($450) or 8 sessions over 4 months$360 (or $90/month)

Individual sessions are $60 each.

Facebook Live Event with Susan Lee CBP discussing Family and Child BodyTalk. November 13, 2017

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