Performance BodyTalk Sessions

BodyTalk  is amazing for sports or academic performance. With regular sessions or  with a special aspect called a Performance session. It could come up within a session that a performance session is needed but more often it is preplanned in advance. A performance session is a time-released BodyTalk session that is done in advanced for a specific event so that as that event takes place you reap the stress reducing, relaxation benefits of a session while in the stressful/anxiety rich situation.  Performance sessions are used in sporting events, exams, interviews, going to get test results- any situation that brings anxiety, fear, worry or nervousness. I regularly do performance sessions as part of birth preparation for my prenatal clients. 

In a performance session it will indicate how far in advance it kicks in. 5 minutes, an hour whatever is needed and will work through the event in detail, each stage, each exam topic, line change or inning to whatever level of detail is needed. There may even be some work that takes place following the event too, (ie worrying on the waiting of the marks?, recovery so your ready for the next match...)

If you would like to book for a performance session please indicate on your booking what we are preparing for as the more details I  can prepare for about the event the more indepth the session can be.