2 amazing  NEW classes to transform you...

 How did you get to be who you are? Why is itso hard to change?

This class explores this through both Nature and Nurture. Some of it is genetic, some generational trauma and conditioning but it is mostly how our neural circuitry was formed in early life.  This class blends together the current science of infant neurodevelopment, neuroplasticity with generational healing, energy medicine/BodyTalk,  meditation and more.  It is a class to sift through the layers of experiences, conditioning, belief systems, learned limitations to start to uncover what is at your core.  To relearn to feel your feelings, to become proactive instead of reactive and to stop stressing out over the little things.  Learn to take control of your thoughts and feelings and create a new state of being.  Rewire your brain & change your life! 

8 week Class session Starting May 4, 2021 7:45-8:45p CST.  Investment is $150 CDN

An 8-week series of gentle flow yoga.  A great place to move, stretch, strengthen and create community.
A safe and inclusive class for anyone pregnant or welcoming a child into their life. Adoption, Surrogacy, LGBTQ+ friendly, Partners, Babies in arms - All are welcome to attend.
An open class for anyone needing support through their journey through birth and/or parenting. Yoga provides stress reduction, breath and body awareness, helps to create balance in the body to prepare and recover from birth and so much more.
Class will include education on birth, postpartum care, infant sleep, bonding and more. Includes a private Facebook support community in which classes will be live streamed.

May 4 - June 22, 2021
Investment $150* CDN
--or enroll in both classes for $250--

These classes are offered live in Saskatoon. Saskatchewan and will be live streamed into a private Facebook group where both in-person and virtual will have access to class recordings, peer support and be a place for me to provide additional education and resources.  In-person class will be held at The Veranda, 2120 St. George Avenue, Saskatoon.  Each Class will be capped at 12  in-person participants (regular yoga capacity of 35) to allow social distancing but unlimited numbers for virtual enrollment. 

Enroll in both classes for only $290.  

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