A Personal Growth Class for Parents, Parents-to-be and anyone looking to better understand themselves and their experiences. 

Our partners, children, those closest to us are our biggest teachers as they trigger us the most. What are these triggers? How did you get to be so reactive?  This class explores this through both Nature and Nurture. Some of it is genetic, some generational trauma and conditioning but it is mostly how our neural circuitry was formed in early life.  This class blends together the current science of infant neurodevelopment, neuroplasticity with generational healing, energy medicine, conscious parenting, attachment theory, yoga, meditation and more.  It is a class to sift through the layers of experiences, conditioning, belief systems, learned limitations to start to uncover what is at your core.  To relearn to feel your feelings, to become proactive instead of reactive and to stop stressing out over the little things.  

9 week Class session Starting October 13.
Join in person or virtually.

Personal Evolution for pregnancy and parenting is a class like no other.  Old school parenting methods didn't teach us how to feel our feelings, to process and release our emotions, how to be in control of our responses and not be a victim of our environment and others. In fact, the way most of us where raise taught us to repress our emotions, not to feel - to be emotionally un-intelligent and reactive. This class will help you to understand yourself, be attuned with yourself so you can be in tune with others, re-learn to feel. Because we can't teach our kids what we don't know ourselves and without conscious awareness we will keep carrying on  the old patterns of the past. Come rediscover yourself. It is time for transformation. 

This is an inclusive class for anyone carrying a pregnancy, preparing to be a parent or is a parent.
This class is open to everyone. If you are adopting, still trying to conceive or already a parent or a guardian to children and to all those carrying a baby. Life is stressful and the stress we endure impacts fetal development (as we will learn in this class). I have a special interest in surrogacy and adoption as these situations are extremely stressful for the baby. Being pregnant is a life changing event no matter what the final outcome is. No matter who you are or where you are on this journey, it is one that can be full of struggles, stress and worry or you can learn to embrace and transform yourself through the journey.

A unique class focused on your own personal growth, consciousness, attunement and stress reduction that will help you better navigate your journey and evolve with it. Class will leave you feeling light and recharged as you move out of stress mode into relaxation mode and allow your old baggage to be released.

The class is offered live in Saskatoon. Saskatchewan (with plenty of space to socially distance) and will be live streamed into a private Facebook group so those unable or unwilling to attend in person can still take part live or from the recordings. The facebook group will also allow peer support and a place for me to provide additional education and resources.

The class consists of Eight 1-hour classes plus a 3 hour education class. The 8 single hour classes will be structured 15 minutes of theory, 15-20 minutes of practice or introspection (releasing work, meditation, journalling, yoga, meditation, other tools) and 20-30 min of BodyTalk therapy to dig in deep and reawaken to yourself.

Class Dates:
Week 1: Tuesday October 13, 7-8 pm CST SASK ( & 7-8 MDT)
Introduction into Consciousness
Week 2: Tuesday October 20, 7-8 pm CST SASK ( & 7-8 MDT)
The integration of Mind & Body
Week 3: Tuesday October 27, 7-8 pm CST SASK ( & 7-8 MDT)
Becoming Present
Week 4: Tuesday November 3, 7-8 pm CST SASK ( 6 - 7p MST- Class Time may change for you if your area follows Daylight Savings!!)
Learning to let go
Week 5: Conscious Education Class: Tuesday November 10, 6:30-9:30pm CST SASK (5:30-8:30 pm MST)
Week 6: Tuesday November 17, 7-8p CST SASK (6-7 pm MST)
Codependence vs Interdependence
Week 7: Tuesday November 24, 7-8p CST SASK (6-7 pm MST)
Boundaries as Self Love
Week 8: Tuesday December 1, 7-8p CST SASK (6-7 pm MST)
Creation of a new way- Principled Living
Week 9: Tuesday December 8, 7-8p CST SASK (6-7 pm MST)
Great moments create great days, great days create great weeks....
Investment is $200 CDN for the 8 classes plus the November 10th 3 hour Education class.

In person class will be held at The Veranda, 2120 St. George Avenue, Saskatoon. Class will be capped at 20 in-person participants (regular yoga capacity of 35) to allow social distancing but unlimited numbers for virtual enrollment.

The included Conscious Education Class:
By understanding infant development and attachment needs, this class will give insight into how belief systems are formed, how your own childhood affects you now, your relationships, mental health and reactivity. We will explore how to break free of generational patterns to stop passing them on to the next generation. The class will provide evidence based knowledge on infant development, what parenting styles and methods foster optimal mental and emotional wellness to aid you on your parenting journey or in re-parenting your own inner child.

  • Covering:
  • Infant developmental needs
  • Role of stress on development & attachment
  • Nature vs Nuture, epigenetics
  • Spectrum of parenting styles
  • Conscious Parenting Philosphy
  • Finding attunement with Self & Others
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Role of attachment
  • Inner Child healing, re-parenting yourself
  • and more

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