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Long ago the Chinese discovered that if we restore harmony among all the systems of our bodies, they can and WILL balance themselves. As communication between our body systems is restored, we return to health. This is the "Philosophy of Regeneration" and the basis of all Sunrider products.

The Philosophy of Regeneration is 3 simple statements:

1. The body can balance itself with proper nutrition.

Sunrider was designed to create a solid foundation for health using ancient principles of nutritional balance. Sunrider foods were never intended to treat disease. Did you know that the ancient Chinese doctors were paid only when their patients were well, and not paid when their patients were ill? They were expected to keep their patients healthy, or in other words, maintain health. In the same way, Sunrider's goal is to help as many people as possibly maintain and improve their health by consistently and properly by nourishing, balancing and cleansing the body. In real life, our health frequently drifts off the true "balance" we need,We are over-fed but mal-nourished and this results in disorder of our systems. Sunrider is also designed to help return order, or harmony, to our systems and then help us to maintain.
Why should you eat Sunrider herbal foods? Quite simply, because… Sunrider foods are the best comprehensive program of nutrient-rich, fast, convenient, whole herb foods on the market today!  

2. The body is designed to obtain its nutrition from whole foods.

The term to note here is whole foods. This term describes foods in their original nutritional configuration. As you look at Sunrider herb foods, you see powders, capsules and liquids. How can we say these are "whole foods"? The answer lies in the difference between the wholeness of physical size and shape versus wholeness of nutritional composition.

When a carrot comes out of the ground with its stems, leaves and roots intact, it is obviously still whole in its physical form. If we cut the carrot in half, it is no longer physically whole, yet each piece is still nutritionally whole. The naturally-occurring "family" of carrot nutrients (the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and enzymes) is still together as a team. The nutrients have not been chemically separated from each other. In other words, the nutritional integrity is still intact. This is what we mean by "whole foods". Whereas most other nutritional "supplements" contains individual isolated nutrients -Ascorbic acid is very different from whole food Vitamin C! 

Now, Sunrider has taken this concept and developed modern processes to enable the manufacturing of "whole foods" in convenient, practical, highly concentrated forms. For example, the powdered NuPlus is a combination of many whole food herbs that are carefully prepared to preserve their nutritional integrity. The process is very precise with regard to temperature control and processing times to assure that the nutrients remain intact. The method most commonly used in the health food industry is to grind up herbs, check the bacteria count and fumigate as necessary. Sunrider never fumigates their herbs. Sunrider thoroughly cleans and then extracts the herbs beneficial essences through their state-of-the-art concentration process. Extraction helps to facilitate digestion and ensure that nutrients remain while unwanted material is discarded. To achieve the highest value and effectiveness from the herbs used, they go through an elaborate system of concentration. Concentration is crucial because without it, you’d have to consume huge quantities of certain foods to obtain its benefits. For example, we know about the antioxidant effects of tomato and broccoli, but to benefit from those effects, we would have to eat very large quantities of them. Concentration is really the only solution. That’s why Sunrider uses tremendous quantities of herbs to make a small amount of finished, concentrated product rather than simply grinding them up and packaging them. Sunrider uses no preservatives, additives, GMOs, artificial colors, added sweeteners, animal by-products, fat or chemical isolates in its herbal nutritional products, nor does it do animal testing or use pesticides/Insecticides or fumigation. 

3. Each person must be willing to accept responsibility for his or her health.

We must want health, not simply to be rid of a problem! All of Sunrider's products are provided for maximum benefit for our bodies' health by restoring balance to the body's systems.  It's up to you -…"Good health is easier to maintain than regain"… Sunrider makes it easy by simply replacing unhealthy foods and toxic skin care, cosmetics and cleaning products with healthy chemical free ones.   Dr. Chen, the owner and herbal genius of Sunrider, once said, "One of the important goals in my life is to die young as late as possible!"

There are three basic principals that work to achieve regeneration.

1.Cleansing  2. Balancing  3. Nourishing

Sunrider’s approach to health is to use the right combinations of food to nourish, cleanse and balance the body.

The five basic foods are : 

  1. Calli and/or Fortune Delight Beverages -for CLEANSING
  2. Vitalite Sunbars – for CLEANSING/Nourishing
  3. Quinary – for BALANCING
  4. SunCare (SunnyDew in USA) – for NOURISHING
  5. NuPlus and/or VitaShake– for NOURISHING

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Cleansing is the process of breaking down and/or eliminating undesirable materials, such as undigested food components, accumulated drugs, toxins, degenerating cells, yeasts, fungi, and parasites. When detoxification and elimination functions are perfect, the person is not aware that cleansing is taking place. This occurs when the liver, kidney, and bowels are strong and well supported nutritionally, when the person is exercising adequately and when enough fluid is being used to move toxic materials along quickly. However, when these conditions are not met, cleansing 'signs' may be experienced. Again, this will vary greatly. If toxic materials are broken down and released into the system for elimination, old aches and pains may resurface. Fatigue and irritability may occur. These will pass when the elimination process is complete. If the body focuses its energy inward to heal, it may experience chills, fever, thirst, loss of appetite, tiredness, and disinclination to exercise. Extra sleep is required at such times. Nourishment should be easily digestible, such as NuPlus, steamed vegetables or vegetable juices. Fluid intake should be increased. If the body's eliminative capability is temporarily overloaded, it can experience such discomforts as nausea, constipation or diarrhea, bad taste in the mouth, skin breakouts and itching, excessive perspiration and body odour. Getting some exercise and fluid intake will assist the body to eliminate more efficiently. Cleansing processes can be supported by a "lighter" diet and by eating greater amounts of Quinary and Vitalite SunBar. Or FiberTone Caps. Varying the amount of Calli and/or SlimCaps can be useful as each individual seeks to achieve a personally comfortable level of elimination. Increasing either of these products will allow the body to speed up the cleansing process, but might also increase the discomfort. If you have cleansing signs, you should feel encouraged. It’s a positive process and you will feel better afterwards. Talk to your sponsor. Also don’t feel discouraged that your eliminative organs aren’t perfect – hardly anyone’s is – that why we start a program.

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