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What you need to know...

On top of  offering individual and group BodyTalk sessions I also offer transformation packages that combine BodyTalk, personalized yoga or other self care practices with coaching and accountability and so much more. If you are truly dedicated to make a change in your life or health these package options guarantee results. 

It is quicker to treat 2+ together in 1 distance session (and send 1 audio file or follow up phone call) than to treat them separately so I offer options to treat multiple people at the same time at a reduced rate. BodyTalk is like running computer programs or opening up a new tab and different things need different amount of time to 'download' or process before we move on to the next thing (a formula) so working with 2 people at the same time means I can switch back and forth giving the 1st person time to process the formula while I treat the next person. So book in a few individuals to be treated together for a better rate per session. 

I can also treat a whole family or business or other group  as one individual client and there is a new booking options online for that. Your business can benefit from BodyTalk too! Creating better relationships to all involved . Often if you  book all the individual family members to be  treated together the session will also do some work into treating the family as a single entity if it is needed. 

I offer package deals with a reduced rate per session- which is now a Gift Card promotion that if you prepay such and such amount you'd get $ off each session and that amount could be used across all designated family members. Gone will be the days of buying a pack of 1 adult+2 child and needing to have all 3 treated EVERY time. In the new system you can book to have all 3 treated at its  reduced combo rate plus you'd get the $5-15 off but if only 1 person needs to be treated you can book that and also get the $5-15 off.

See the details below:

Buy More Save More Option:
Buy a $400 gift certificate as credit on your personal or family account and each session used with it will get $10 off. (Same as old 5 pack bundles).
$600 for $15 off (Same as old 8 session Pack) or $250 for $5 off each session booked.  Just let me know you'd like this option and I can create you the credit on your account. $840 for $20 off. 

Want intensive work but can't pay for all of it up front?

Book in for regular intervals of treatments and pay over the months at the reduced rates per session listed above.  Examples: $400 GC option would be 5 Adults sessions over 5 months at $80 each, $600 would be 8 sessions for $75/month (or biweekly for 4 months at $150), $840 would be 12 sessions at $70/month (or biweekly 6 months or more at $140)--- PLUS any additional sessions added for your immediatefamily would receive the same $10-20 off the sessions. 

Child Intensive Distance Session Package (under 18):

12 Distance sessions Bi-weekly over 6 months- $75/month ($450) or 8 session over 4 month $360 (or $90/month)

Single Session Prices: (June 2019)

B- available Both In clinic & Distance, * = via distance session or in person with 1 Adult as surrogate

Adult- $90 (B)

Child- $60 (B)

2 child- $95 (*)

2 Adult- $150 (*)

Adult/child (prenatal)- $130 (B)

1 adult, 2 child- $180 (*)

2 adult, 1 child- $220 (*)

2 adult, 2 child- $260 (*)

Family/Business- $90 (*)

Self care program initial- $220 (In person or Web based)

Follow up -$90 

Yoga private -$90

Payment options:

The booking system accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. I also accept e-transfers to joanne@fisherfamilybodytalk.com as well as cash and cheques for in person treatments. 

Distance sessions are just as effective as coming in person, as we demonstrated with the Children Session case study. So, if you choose to get a distance session with an audio summary emailed after you can book it in any available opening regardless if you are actually available at that time or not. You get to take in the session summary whenever it is convenient for you. I treat people all over the world this way!! If you want an in person or over the phone/web session and I have an opening but the time doesn't quite work check with me and I may be able to move a 'unscheduled' session around to allow you to come in!  

Home based clinic does have a cat- though he is usually out hunting and will not be allowed in the treatment space. BodyTalk can help you overcome allergies but if they are a severe issue seeing you at Inside Out or via distance could be a better option.  Childcare is available by request!

BodyTalk is safe, effective, non-invasive and great for everyone and every issue. Give it a try!

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