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Back to School Sale On Now. Child Distance Sessions are only $40 until Sept 3. limited appointments available. Book now at

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What I do and why

My passion is working with families. From preconception and fertility challenges, through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Helping everyone to adapt and thrive throughout the changes and challenges. 

One of the most common question I get working in pre/post natal is how can I get more sleep! Sleep deprivation is torture.

 My role as Infant Sleep educator is helping parents be prepared with the science and the knowledge that babies don’t sleep through the night, understanding why that is and what that means in terms of their biology and development. Having this knowledge means parents won’t feel like a failure when baby isn’t fitting into the CRAZY unrealistic societal expectations that exist here. Babies wake up at night for good reasons. 

 As a Sleep Educator I see that unrealistic expectations and lack of flexibility is the  biggest cause of stress. Mindset is everything. Majority of babies won’t sleep through the night consistently in the first year! Naturally-Out of desperation and no other alternatives tired parents turn to the sleep trainers. I’m here to let you know there is another option. Learning to fall asleep on your own is a developmental milestone, just like crawling or walking. Babies need to be parented to sleep. To be taught that sleep is a pleasant and safe place to be. Otherwise there will be long term issues with sleep. 

Forcing a baby to crawl or walk before they are ready would ultimately result in frustration and tears. It is the same with sleep. Babies will learn to fall asleep on their own when they are ready. Attachment and security is the key to a baby or toddler adapting to independent sleep. Mom’s and babies are hardwired to be close together day and night. Which can get exhausting but there is plenty we can do to set the stage for your baby (and you) to get a good night’s sleep. While still meeting our biological need to be close. Inutero your baby was held and rocked to sleep everytime. It will take time and developmental readiness before they are able to fall asleep without assistance, but again every baby is different.

Studies show that babies do not get more sleep by being sleep trained. Instead, baby ceases to cry, their needs go unchanged and they stay flooded in stress hormones. The trust that someone can fulfill those needs disappears. Both mother’s and babies undergo massive stress. Depending on baby’s temperament some easily adapt while others do not. The science is becoming very clear on the ill effects of stress on developing babies both physically and cognitively. When the brain is developing (85% of adult size in the first 3 years of life) persistent cortisol the stress hormone impairs the development of the neural networks suppressing growth, development,  the immune system, and can create an overactive adrenaline system leading to aggression, ADHD, autism, impulsivity etc. (Dr. Sears The baby sleep book pg 211+ Dr Gabor Mate videos on the effects of parental stress)

 This is Particularly damaging if children are left to cry without their needs being attended to. - these experiences lead to the brain being wired with programming like- I am not worth your time, my needs don’t matter, no point saying what i feel no one will listen! Hence my passion as an attachment based alternative to sleep training! If sleep training was a medicine it would be pulled from the shelves because the long term consequences far exceed the short term benefit. Scheduling feedings is also been linked to developmental delays and development of further  issues with breast feeding. The goal is to reduce the stress for your baby as much as possible to allow the brain and body to develop as optimally as possible. Reduce the stress by meeting the innate need of both you and baby to stay close- day and night. You are hardwired to stay close. Humans are particularly underdeveloped at birth compared to other mammals we need an extra 9 months of mimicking the womb environment which is best done with breastfeeding, baby wearing and bed sharing. **Bedsharing and baby wearing both have safety considerations to be done properly. Please seek out appropriate education on these! I educate on sleep safety and there are baby wearing educators available**

Now you may be feeling guilty that you have left a baby to cry it out. The good news is we can undo that stress, we can help the brain to correct it’s wiring. We can shift those embedded belief systems. 

That’s what BodyTalk is all about.

BodyTalk is a holistic health care system that works at the level of the subconscious to get to the root of the problem so your own innate ability to heal, de-stress and communicate can work optimally. BodyTalk is known first and foremost as a method of stress reduction. Stress creates miscommunication through the body-mind complex resulting in disease, pain, depression, anxiety, allergies, limiting beliefs, subconscious barriers to success and happiness.. 

BodyTalk can address any issue by asking yes/no questions to the subconscious to find out the root cause. Once you recognize that you have a problem and what it is you own innate ability to heal goes to work to fix the issue. We are designed to heal but sometimes we need a little help. Every symptom we have is our body trying to communicate with us. 

Chronic pain, depression, anxiety is telling us the way we are going or operating in life isn’t working for you. Our body holds onto experiences until you go back to address them and release them. As a BodyTalker I’m essentially a translator between you and your symptoms. Letting your body talk. BodyTalk is  easy, safe and non invasive but very weird. You just have to experience it to understand. 

Whenever we have an experience first thing our subconscious does is goes into our past experiences and asks have we been here before do we know how to react to this situation? We then get triggered or irrationality upset or our body becomes defensive resulting in an intolerance or allergy, or stores it as a restriction in mobility or communication..   we carry on the past and mirror those habits and mindsets for our kids. 

The best gift we can give our children is our own happiness because they will mirror that. If we are stressed they feel it. If the stress is a distraction that takes away our ability to be focused and attached with them then we wire them to feel we are only worth their time when sick or in distress or behave badly.. conditioning them that to be sick or ill behaved is of benefit to them. Dr. Gabor Mate says all behaviour problems are attachment problems. I’ve seen that dynamic shift as I repair my attachment relationship with my 7 year old and our behavior problems have melted away. Which I was only able to do by addressing my own issues in relating to others and how emotional shut down I was.

I continue to do extensive work through my issues that impair my ability to have a strong relationships so that I can help my kids. And myself to be happy. 

A huge benefit of regular treatments throughout the pre/post natal days and preconception is we can work to disconnect from your past traumas, patterns and limitations.  We want to parent better than we were parented but we can only do what we know and what our parents mirrored for us. We carry on the patterns of our parents until we do the work to break them. Our issues of self esteem, confidence, emotional competency, unhealthy relationship patterns.  whatever issues we each carry are mirrored by our children.

BodyTalk is quantum healing but also therapy bringing up the root causes of why we feel unloveable or chronically angry- releasing whatever walls we built-up around ourselves. BodyTalk can help you to break them down so that you don’t pass those habits and patterns on to your children.. disconnecting from the generational traumas and patterns.

  I love working with in-utero babies. They are affected by both maternal and paternal stress plus they have their own fears and anxieties,  most often surrounding birth and the transition to life on the outside. If they are fearful of entering the world babies tend to stay in nonoptimal positions or be overdue in resistance. Through bodytalk I can work with babies and mothers to release the fear and help them be ready to enter the world as unravel the fears, negative belief systems and even physical discomfort of pregnancy. BodyTalk births tend to be shorter and easier and tend to slide towards the ecstatic or even orgasmic side of the spectrum. Calm, ready moms and babies in sync with each other. I love working with the dyad throughout the pregnancy  so ensure both stress free as possible.Particularly if you had an unpleasant experience with your first birth, or a pregnancy loss. A need to disconnect and not bring those experiences into the new birth with you- or if YOUR birth into the world was traumatic it needs to be addressed. Both mom and baby fear free, ready and excited to transition into the next stage together. Means faster easier births. Overdue, fetal positioning BT can help.

BodyTalk in-utero has been able to recognize early defects and help the tiny body to work more effectively at healing that issue. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually- bodytalk can help you to heal. I often see fetal fears of not being excepted if a parent or even a sibling is really wanting a specific gender. Or if your initial thoughts were you didn’t want the pregnancy..   my issues in feeling I never should of existed. Adoption, the fact someone gave you away immensely affects self worth. Babies are responsive to BodyTalk as they don’t have all the layers of issue adults have to work through. 

Any age any issue. BodyTalk can help. 

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2 Locations to Choose From

My online booking page now gives you the option to book at either the home-based clinic (which has onsite childcare by request- but also a cat and stairs) or at Inside Out Therapies Lorne Avenue location (which is child-free, quiet, pet-free and can be free of stairs).

Distance session and sleep services can only be booked through Fisher Family BodyTalk.

Inside Out offers in-person sessions and personalized yoga/self-care programs and follow-ups.

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Yay I’m Adding a Blog

Good stuff coming soon.

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