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Sunday, October 3: Tap into your Innate Wellness event. www.eventcreate.com/e/bodytalk

What is Innate wellness?
Innate is our natural, inborn ability to be in rhythm and flow with your life as it unfolds. It is automatic and constantly rebalancing to the circumstances' life throws at you. Sometimes we lose our way and become disconnected, not getting the guidance from within. This is our internal guidance system, our inner knowing, and it keeps us healthy and on the right path in life. Your innate knowledge is constantly communicating with you, but you may have forgotten how to listen to it. As a baby, we were in tune with our needs, emotions and desires, but we get conditioned to follow others cues instead of our own. Fed on a schedule instead of following our hunger cues, for example. We have become disconnected and in doing so we lose this inner compass.

This event will take you through experiences that help bring you back into alignment with yourself, your innate connection within.  A full afternoon of BodyTalk, Breathwork therapy, Soundbath meditation, Resonance yoga and more! A celebration of Joanne & Susan Starting their 2nd year at The Veranda. 

Tuesday, November 2: New 8 week class session Begins.  Prenatal Connections,  Personal Evolution & Resonance Yoga 2.

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