NuPlus & VitaShake herbal Concentrates

  1. NUPLUS & VITASHAKE  (to NOURISH the body)

Eat 1 package or more daily. NuPlus is a whole food that NOURISHES your whole body and gives you energy. It is 65% complex Carbohydrates, 20% Protein, 15% healthy Fatty Acids, and goes to the depth of the cell to NOURISH. 60 Calories per serving. Note -Vitashake, NuPuffs, and Vitalite Sunbars also all contain NuPlus. Mix with cereal, mix with yogurt, or eat NuPlus straight out of the package. Blend with banana, almond or rice milk, and fresh fruit as a nutrition-packed shake. Even add NuPlus directly to your Calli or Fortune Delight beverage, for a quick energy drink. Add a few drops of Suncare  or Suncare Plus to enhance flavor and benefits. Vitashake is NuPlus plus additional vitamins and Minerals and comes in Cocoa or Strawberry.

Sunrider's most basic herbal nutrition is a unique, powerfully concentrated herbal formulation – an herbal nutritional foundation on which to build a solid and healthy diet. NuPlus strengthens the body's systems by nourishing tissue and cells. The NuPlus formula was originally developed by the Chinese sages of old to sustain the body at top performance level. They looked to the natural nourishment contained in the food herbs to improve the overall condition of their organs and their metabolism. According to the Philosophy of Regeneration, with the right "fuel" the body will naturally fortify itself against various diseases. Nutritional reinforcement gives the body the needed elements to enhance its ability to maintain elasticity and the right moisture balance in the joints and tissues. This leads to better equilibrium, stamina and flexibility. History tells us that these Chinese sages were so renowned for their strength and vigor, that the Chinese emperor removed their herbal formulas to his own library. From that library, Dr. Chen came into possession of the formulas through his great grandfather.

The aspect of "whole food" is the key to the NuPlus formula's power. The Chinese believed that plants contain the necessary ingredients that the body needs for extracting all the vitamins and minerals which the plant has to offer. In the West, since it is commonly thought that the intestines randomly absorbed food when it was broken down to the isolated vitamin or mineral form, the synthetic vitamin and mineral industry formed to supply this "nutrition" Recently a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study found that the intestines recognize and absorb food at the level of the complex peptide chain (whole food) better than synthetically derived vitamins. Some research indicates that our body may absorb only 1 1/2 % of the nutrient supplied by some isolated vitamins and minerals. Essentially the body recognizes and assimilates nutrients best from a whole food source.

Secret Energy Source

The secret to the remarkable abundance of energy derived by the body from a relatively small amount of powdered NuPlus comes from its quality and its quantity. Eight to fourteen pounds of herbs are concentrated into one pound of NuPlus. That means the bulk is separated from the nutrients and only a little bit of bulk is carried on to the final product. This is like taking all the nutrients of 14 oranges (not just isolating the vitamin C) and concentrating them into 1 orange. That's one healthy orange!

NuPlus Formulation

The unique NuPlus formula incorporates the best of Chinese nutritional tradition including the FIVE TASTES: Sour - astringent; Bitter – cleansing; Sweet - tonic; Spicy- perspiration; and Salty – softening.

The "FIVE COLOR PHILOSOPHY" is represented by the five beans in the NuPlus formula which nourishes the entire body as well as the five key organs as follows:

Red beans - heart; White beans - lungs; Yellow beans - spleen; Black beans - kidneys; and Green beans - liver.

What is in NuPlus?

NuPlus is a great source of Phytonutrients that can strengthen the defense system. It may also be helpful in balancing weight and blood sugar. Even though it was not designed as a meal replacement, it is uniquely combined and concentrated to give the body a very natural intake of 65% carbohydrates, 23% protein and 12 % fat in just 60 calories.

NuPlus contains a high percentage of complex carbohydrates. What do the complex carbohydrates do for you? They bum more slowly in the body than simple carbohydrates - this is why NuPlus provides you with an even level of energy throughout the day. (If you are feeling fired, have a scoop or envelope of NuPlus for a quick pick-me-up). The complex carbohydrates are turned into glucose by the body and are stored in the liver and muscles for later use. Simple carbohydrates end up being stored in the fatty tissue. The simple carbohydrates give an immediate energy lift but the energy-burst rapidly wears off, leaving you feeling "not quite yourself." This is why a scoop of NuPlus, or a helping of NuPuffs, can give you the lift you need to take you through your day's activities.

NuPlus also helps to reduce cravings for sugars, unhealthy foods and drinks, and is a great alternative to those empty calorie snacks we may be eating throughout the day.

Main Ingredients in NuPlus:

NuPlus contains all important bioflavenoids naturally occurring plant chemicals which are extremely potent antioxidants. According to modem research, the superior ingredients in NuPlus provide important health benefits.

What are the main ingredients in this incredible food?

Imperate Root - The Chinese found Imperate Root had anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-arthritic and antiinflammatory properties that helped get rid of liver and kidney inflammations.

Water Lily Bulb And Fox Nut - Fox nut is the fruit of the Water Lily Plant. The Chinese found the Fox Nut to balance and energize the spleen and kidneys. The bulk also fortifies these organs and helps detoxify the body. It was found to enhance the cell's moisture barrier.

Coix Fruit - Coix Fruit is a grain in the barley family that herbal foods. contains B vitamins. The Chinese found it to be a very nourishing purgative that also strengthens the spleen. It was also found to help the body's process of flushing out excess salts, water and toxins and help maintain a healthy immune system, a healthy nervous system and healthy cholesterol levels. Coix also contains glucosamide ingredients which research has recently found helpful in cancer therapy and joint problems.

Chinese Yam - Chinese Yams are rich in hormone producing substances, emollients and enzymes. The early Chinese sages knew the yam to be an anti-inflammatory agent which was soothing to the kidneys, spleen, lungs, stomach, adrenal glands, the hormonal and reproductive system.

Soy Bean - Soy bean reduces harmful cholesterol (LDL, low-density lipoprotein) without affecting beneficial cholesterol (HDL, high-density lipoprotein). It is also beneficial in weight management, fighting fatigue and regulating blood sugar. From fermented and sprouted soy in the chinese way, which is the safe and nutritious form of soy. Soy milk, Tofu and other non-fermented soy products should NOT be consumed.

Also contains Green, Red, Black and White Beans. EXCEPT NuPlus Regular which contains NO SOY or Beans at all.

What is NOT in NuPlus:
Let's take a closer look at what is NOT in Sunrider NuPlus.

Isolated Soy - We all know that non-isolated soy is a good source of assimilable protein. On the other hand, isolated soy, which is made from the hull of the soybean, is a waste product of the soy industry that some companies use to make their isolated soy protein powder. This form of soy protein cannot be assimilated. Even a cow with four stomachs cannot utilize or digest this form of soy. Dr. Chen does not use isolated soy in our NuPlus. It is important that if you buy any soy products, that it not have the word "isolate" on the label. Isolated non sprouted/fermented soy protein powders may clog the lymphatic system and  is a known  'phyto-estrogen'.  
Protein Powders - There is one isolate Sunrider will never use in any product, and that is protein powders. The body simply cannot digest protein powders. The body expends vast amounts of energy trying to move the protein powders through the system. This is why people who insist on taking protein powders eventually have eliminative system problems. NuPlus is not a protein powder, but rather is made solely of nutrient-rich whole herbal foods.

Why all the different flavours?
The delicious different flavors in NuPlus please the palate and give variety to the ways NuPlus can be consumed. But the flavorful ingredients also have their own nutritive addition to the NuPlus formula.

Regular - Like Simply Herbs, but contains no Soy or any other beans like in the other flavors. A great baby first food or a complete Doctor formulated infant formula when combined with Almond milk, quinary, evergreen, electrosport, Suncare, Fortune delight and a omega 3 supplement.

Simply Herbs - This formula is the easiest to digest and assimilate. Since is does not have the berries or fruit in it, it can be bottle-fed to an infant (mixed in with weak Calli Regular Tea). It is also recommended for anyone on a Candida diet.

Mixed Berry - The strawberries and blue berries contain high amounts of useable B 12 and folic acid, which are helpful during menstruation, ovulation and post-partum recovery.

Naturally Plain - The apple pectin combines with the other herbs to help strengthen the heart and cardiovascular systems. It also helps elimination.

Pina Banana - Added Banana and Pineapple. This formula is loaded with biologically available potassium and pantothenic acid. This aids in getting rid of headaches that are caused by a sodium potassium. imbalance. The vitamin B in it helps the body when you are under stress.
Apple Cinnamon – Added apple and cinnamon. This formula can aid the digestion and circulation.