BodyTalk to Quit Smoking


You CAN quit! BodyTalk works to relieve stress, release the underlying causes  of negative believe systems, unravel the impact of past events and emotions, and so much more.... Find the reasons to why you  smoke and can't or don't want to give it up. You know you should quit but you feel like you can't. BodyTalk can help to shift those belief systems, help to relieve the  physical cravings and so much more. It can help you to quit!

For the best results regular sessions is best. To make it more affordable and accessible I am offering a group distance session 6 week package. 3 personalized distance sessions and 3 group distance sessions for only $250.  You will receive a session each week alternating between group and personalized sessions. 

Group sessions are an interesting  amplification of the group consciousness for everyone with the same goal- To stop smoking. *Group sessions are great opportunity for healing. The presence of the group will increase the number of observers and, therefore, increase the impact of the session. Also, the increased understanding of the group amplifies the possibility for a shift in consciousness or perception for everyone.