Suncare,Suncare+ (SunnyDew)

Suncare and Suncare Plus

Enjoy 10 to 20 drops a day. Sunrider’s Stevia helps reduce cravings for unhealthy foods, particularly sugar. This is a complex carbohydrate which nourishes the pancreas and adrenals. Gives energy, helps regulate blood sugar levels, helps with emotional balance. Great added to your Fortune Delight or Calli, in your NuPlus or Vitashakes, or in water for great, sustained energy. Contains Stevia, Chrysanthemum Flower

Sunrider International introduced Suncare (Sunectar in U.S)  to the market in the early 1980’s. This very concentrated, water-based solution of Stevia Rebaudiana is combined with Chrysanthemum for the many benefits of nourishing the body. In 1996 Sunrider introduced a new product called Suncare Plus or SunnyDew  in U.S. This clear, concentrated dietary supplement is Stevia based, yet has added citrus bio-flavonoids for even greater anti-oxidant qualities. This is the first clear water-based Stevia liquid on the market. Other clear liquids may be alcohol based and are not nearly as concentrated as is SunnyDew or Suncare Plus.

Suncare and Suncare Plus (SunnyDew or Sunectar in U.S) can be added to water, hot or cold beverages or drink mixes like NuPlus. It has a pleasant sweet taste and its convenient 1 ounce bottle make it easy to use. Suncare and Suncare Plus  may nourish and balance all aspects of our energy activity bringing harmony and balance as well as nourishment to the pancreas.

The convenience of Suncare and Suncare Plus  helps make our choice for better health more attainable and without the yucky licorice aftertaste of other stevia products. 

In summary, Stevia Rebaudiana may be helpful for the following:

  • Regulating blood sugar • Improving pancreas activity  • Better glucose balancing • More even energy flow
  • More consistent blood pressure’ • Improving muscle density • Better and faster muscle recovery after exercise
  • Improving ability of the body to burn fat • Improving thinking capacity • Lessening tissue degeneration
  • Balancing the ups and downs of energy levels •  Anti-fungal • Anti-bacterial • Anti-yeast
  • Topical skin care – healing agent • Non fermenting • Water soluble • Non toxic

A Great way to calm a cranky baby is to put a drop on their soother and he/she will suck away at it. Great nipple tonic for thrush. 


Stevia Rebaudiana is a food herb native to northeastern Paraguay. The Guarani Indians in Paraguay have used Stevia since before the colonization by the Spaniards in the 16th century 1. Its sweet taste first was used in beverages, but by 1950 some Paraguayan physicians used Stevia Rebaudiana for the treatment of diabetes.2 In fact a key research study published in the Brazilian Journal of Medicine showed that Stevia Rebaudiana actually “increased glucose tolerance.”3 There is no suggestion that this dietary supplement should replace any medical treatment.

In Paraguay it is generally known that Stevia benefits blood sugar levels. They have also used Stevia “to relieve physical and emotional fatigue.”4 In the United States and Canada excessive consumption of sugars and fats has created a need for a safe dietary supplement that can help the imbalances created by our diet.

The pancreas is a large gland that secretes a digestive fluid into the intestine and also secretes insulin. Stevia may be added to the diet and may benefit the balancing of blood sugar. Based on this information, in September of 1995, the FDA approved Stevia as a dietary supplement. The work of Sunrider International in securing the dietary status has been recognized in the professional journals across the U.S. This Stevia-based product may be sold as dietary supplements and not as sweetening agents or as an ingredient in a food to flavor or enhance. In Canada it is still labeled as a skin care product despite it finally being recognized and accepted by HealthCanada as a dietary supplement.

Books such as The Zone by Barry Sears, discuss the problem of too many carbohydrates and the difficulty the body has in dealing with the hormone, insulin. It is Sear’s belief that too many carbohydrates effects weight and leads to the poor shape of our country today.5 Though recognized as simple or complex, all carbohydrates eventually become simple with the help of the pancreas. Too many carbohydrates for many people creates an imbalance that effects their weight, size, shape and even health as reflected by blood pressure and cholesterol. A number of Brazilian studies have shown that blood glucose was lowered after 4 weeks of continuous use of Stevia Rebaudiana.6 Therefore Stevia may be beneficial to a large number of people that either eat too many carbohydrates or have a body that can’t handle the amount consumed.

There was an interesting study done in Brazil that showed a 9.5% lowering of systolic and diastolic blood pressure7 in a group of subjects ranging in age from 20-40 years. This also corresponds with Barry Sears reports of irregular blood pressure from poor metabolism of carbohydrates.8 Paulette Caster, in her book Balanced For Life, makes a clean and distinctive difference between grain carbohydrates, vegetable carbohydrates and fruit or simple carbohydrates. It is important to keep the quantity of carbohydrates as well as the quality (whole food or processed) in a reasonable range. The source needs to be balanced to give the pancreas a chance to handle the flow.


According to Pearson and Shaw in their now famous book, Life Extension: “Problems can develop when individuals chronically eat large amounts of sugar. When common table sugar (sucrose, a simple sugar) is eaten, insulin is quickly released by the pancreas to metabolize the sucrose. The sugar is quickly used up, but the insulin remains in circulation for hours afterwards because it has a much longer half-life (the length of time it takes for the concentration in the blood to drop by half) than the sugar. The insulin can lead to a hypoglycemic rebound because the circulating insulin continues to keep blood sugar down, even though the original sugar meal which caused the insulin to be released has been used.”9 All of the simple carbohydrates we consume today as well as the artificial sweeteners tend to confuse the pancreas, thus creating an imbalanced state. Proper levels of sugar in the blood are important for mental clarity, energy, muscle recovery, and proper metabolization of fats.

Lets Balance That Blood Sugar

Most people suffer with cravings for sweets. This is often reflected in their size and shape. We often succumb to the desire for sweets and justify it with low calorie and no-calorie sugar substitutes that satisfy the basic need for sweetness. The real problem with sugar is that ingestion of too much sugar or any simple carbohydrate creates insulin rushes that overwork the insulin receptors in the body. Over a period of time the body’s ability to handle all sugars, and even most grain carbohydrates, begins to weaken. This can ultimately lead to various disorders of the pancreas.