Transformation Programs

Are you ready for things to change?

Join me for a phone/web call to use BodyTalk to explore what avenues of your life you are ready to shift.  Some examples of the core issues we can address are:
Anxiety, Depression, Trauma,  Money, Self Love, Personal power, Chronic Pain Issue, other Physical Ailments, Weight Loss,  Communication, Coping Skills, Recovery from an addiction, Attract a partner or find peace after a breakup, Grief, Career, unravel poor traits like disorganization, procrastination, discipline, motivation, poor eating- the resolution things that you never follow through on. Or clear the path to your Soul’s purpose or any other goal.
It is limitless what we can address with BodyTalk.
 We will figure out what you need and what you are ready to address with a free 30 minute discovery call and work together to determine how you can get the results you deserve. 

6 month Whole New You Transformation Program

6 months of working on 4 areas of concern as determined with the discovery call. This is a complete life overhaul. Are you ready for it?
You get:
  • 24 BodyTalk sessions  done weekly in person or over the phone/web call. We will rotate through each of the 4 areas so that we can really dig deep into each issue and that concern has 3 weeks to process before working even deeper on it. We will get to the root cause and help your own innate ability to find balance and heal do what is needed.  
  • A personalized daily self care program to follow that is specific to what you need to do. It could be one or a combination of the following:  Personalized Yoga practice, Meditation/breath exercises, physical activity prescription, BodyTalk Access protocol, Energy medicine techniques, gratitude journal, commitment to a lifestyle goal ie- drinking water, increasing nutrition density, whatever self/health/home care routine you’ve been needing to make a daily habit and need help with the blocks and accountability. 
  • Weekly adaptations to the self care program. Progressions , additions, modifications. Keeping it completely personalized to you and your progress over the 6 months. And coaching to keep you accountable to doing it! 
  • A Daily insight message  to help you stay conscious about your shifts that are taking place. Where your mind goes your energy flows- an insight reading to where your mind should place its focus and daily progress check in further concreting accountability and clarity. 

To get these services individually would cost $7,900

Be a Whole New You  for an investment of  6 monthly payments of only $920

OR Take this same program on for a commitment of only 3 months for $1012/month 

3 Month Get to the Root and Heal Program

Focuses on 1 core agenda with:
  • 6 BodyTalk sessions bi-weekly to peel through the layers of the issue. Done in person, phone or web chat so we can really get to the bottom of it. 
  • A personalized daily self care program (as described above) to get you making the changes your life needs. 
  • 6 upgrade/modifications to your program to make sure it grows along with you. 
  • 3 insight readings and progress check ins a week so you know what’s important to focus on, or maybe it’s insight in needing to let go? 100% personalized insights to keep you clear on your path and check in to keep you accountable to making the changes you need. 
Get to the root and get accountable to make lasting change for only 3 monthly payments of $395.  

60 Days to Change Program:

It is known that it takes at least 40 days to make a permanent shift in your behaviour and habits. Let’s take 60 days to focus on making a change and set a foundation for lasting success.
Focusing on 1 core agenda, You get:
  • 4 biweekly BodyTalk sessions to release the limiting beliefs and barriers and get to the root cause of why the habit/issue/pain. 
  • A Personalized Self Care program (as outlined above)  to succeed in the daily routine needed for lasting change. 
  • Biweekly adaptations to your program and accountability follow up to make sure you are keeping your commitment to permanent self improvement. 
  • 3 check ins a week with insight readings to help keep you focused and clear on your path.  
Making lasting change for an investment of only $870 or 2 monthly payments of $435

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