Upcoming Workshops with Joanne

Meditation & Energy Flow Workshop

This class in an introduction into the Chakra system, the Yin-Yang energetic aspects of yoga and energy movement. As well as and introduction into different methods of Pranayama (breath work) and Meditation.  Class will include Handouts. 

 visit Inside Out Therapies  to access The Yoga Den Registration system.  

Yoga Inversions

An introduction to yoga inversion, Class is will include many options for modifications and variations and is suitable for all levels and abilities.  We will learn Shoulderstand, Plow, Headstand, forearm balance and also play with some other hand balances as well. 

No class scheduled at  this time Contact Joanne if your interested to have it run again and 

Yoga workshops are $30 each. 

Labour & Delivery Prep class for Couples: 

3 hour workshop. See Prenatal page or Inside Out Therapies Yoga Den page for more info.

Planning for baby Seminar: 

JYYOGA is proud to sponsor the free planning for baby class  www.planningforbaby.ca  has the details and registration. I am also now a lead representative with Heritage Education Savings Plans so if a baby in your life could use an RESP let me know! The commission I receive on your savings plan referral goes directly to fund my education in BodyTalk.