Personalized Yoga Programs

Yoga  is for everyone. No matter your health status or mobility there is a yoga practice that can help you.

The key is determining what your body, mind and spirit needs help in balancing/repairing and what activities are beneficial to help you do it.

Yoga is one of the oldest healing modalities. Focusing on body, mind, breath and energy we can help the body to create balance in all areas and help the body to heal itself.

No matter the concern, if its digestive, back pain, arthritis, MS or cancer - there is some yoga you can do to help the body to heal itself and alleviate your symptoms.

My one-on-one Yoga prescription is a practice of assessing the imbalances, finding the underlying issues to chronic ailments and working with a variety of yoga techniques to help combat the issues. Stress is a huge factor in all our lives and reduction of stress is the #1 reason yoga is now being recommended by doctors. Using movement (flow yoga), held postures (asana), breathing practices (pranayama) and energy work (chakra balancing/repair) we can help the body to de-stress, create better alignment,  better communication, and repair muscular imbalances that affect the entire body.

A 1-on-1 approach to determining what your body needs and what we can do to help it. Joanne Fisher's training in biomechanics, physiology, anatomy, yoga and BodyTalk allows for a comprehensive assessment and prescription of a specific program to meet your unique needs.

Personalized Yoga Programs  begins  with a 2-hour initial appointment for the assessment and prescription. In the assessment, we will go over your history and see what areas of your health can be improved through yoga. Yoga can help with Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas. Physically, we can assess posture and range of movement to see where your physical limitations and compensations are.  We can  also check the Chakras and view the energetic functioning of your body. Once we know what needs to be addressed I  will create you a custom program and take you through it in detail. You will be provided with a written copy that includes my wonderful stick man drawings of the poses.  For those wanting to practice at home with more assistance, you can add on a full-length audio of your program to follow.

We can set this program up in-person or via web call. Book in today!